What is Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR)?

Silicone rubber is composite materials, such as RTV Silicone (Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing silicone), the high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV), High Consistency Rubber(HCR) and Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR).

Properties of liquid silicone rubber(LSR)

1.High temp resistance

The outstanding property of matter in the condition of high temperature(over 200ºC)for a long time, endure short time exposure up to 350ºC

2.Low temp resistance

Outstanding flexibility in the condition of low temperature(-70ºC). possible to use low-temperature material in the condition of ultralow temperature(under-100ºC)

3.Low compression set

Possible to use application for such as seal ring and gasket due to outstanding compressed permanent strain(strong at shrink and distortion by compress)

4.Chemical resistance

Outstanding oil resistance, solvent resistance, and chemical resistance. Aniline, Alcohol or Alkali cannot be invaded.

5.Electric property

Having hydrophobic for water and excellent electric insulation. No decline of performance by exposure to water.


LSR injection molding advantage

Complex geometries. Provide excellent expressivity of ultra-thin and complicated shape thanks to the low viscosity of LSR.

Automation. Implement automation of the entire process from Dosing to De-molding in contrast with other labor-intensive rubber injection.

Improved safety. Build a safe production area by an unmanned automation system.

Fast cycle. Improve productivity with innovative cycle time by ‘sec.’ unit compared to ‘min.’ unit cycle time of compression and transfer molding

Material preparation. Prevent contamination and faulty mix of material and save time and labor by eliminating the preparation processes like mixing material.


Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR) application.


liquid silicone rubber automatic

Wide Applicable Temperature Range: -50~200ºC (-58 ~392ºF)

Maintain of performance required as automotive part under harsh environment.

Stable physical property, Insulation, Weatherability Permanent compression ratio under the wide temperature range

Flexible joint movement and excellent sealing performance.

Silicone reduces noise by creaking, protect and improve the appearance of exterior parts and keep interior parts robustly.



LED is a lighting part made by a compound semiconductor which lights with an electric current.

LSR is applied for encapsulants which protect chip & wire from humidity and external shock. LED package of infrared and visible was used with epoxy encapsulants, silicone encapsulants applied for white and high brightness LED package required for excellent heat, light, yellowing-resisting property.

Why the applicant LSR?

Prevention of light output decrease. Improvement of quality of high performance LED extension of lift time.

Elastomer series. Easy filling for complex shaped parts cracks prevention against stress.

Thermal resistance up to 200ºC. High bright white & blue LED prevents yellowing by UV.

liquid silicone rubber led



liquid silicone rubber for medical

Excellent heat-resisting property. Easy sterilization and autoclave available, no acceleration of bacterial multiplication.

Flexible Silicone Material. No harmful to the patient because it does not contain Phthalate and fabricated additives.

No skin trouble and allergy compared to other lubber products because it is a dwelling type. Widely used in the medical industry like a urethral catheter, especially an oxygen mask, diving equipment.



How about “Sealing”?

Ultra-low compression set. Achievement of 15% permanent compression ratio without curing after 22hours at 175ºC.

Wide Range of Hardness. Possible set up a wide range of hardness and achieve the optimized sealing performance.

Excellent media resistance. Superior mass resistibility and strong for corrosion and chemical parts.


How about “Lighting”?

94% Transmission. Approximately 94% uniform transmission over the wide range of visible and invisible light.

<1% Haze. Hazy degree less than 1% after passing through the lens and ensure clarity.

Abbe number. In physics and optics. Abbe number is a measure of the material’s dispersion in relation to the refractive index. The higher abbe number means less light scattering and chromatic aberration. As much more clear reflection.

Durability. High-temperature resistance even above 150ºC. UV light resistance. Micro-crack resistance.

Design Freedom. LSR minimizes stress on complex microstructures based on high flowability. Direct gating through cool runner is available to product required for high tolerance.


LSR application examples


Wire seal. It could meet the performance and quality required as the automotive part in a wide temperature range from -50~200ºC(-58~392ºF). It makes joint flexible movement and excellent sealing such as O-ring, Wire seal, Gasket, etc.


Pacifier. Excellent heat resistance makes hot water disinfection possible. Harmless to humans without bisphenol-A soft touch like mother’s makes baby snug.

LED Packaging

Led lens. Excellent thermal, light and yellowing resistance. Suitable for high luminance LED applied to the lighting. Automotive, mobile, monitor, TV, Display.

Kitchen Appliances

High thermal and fouling resistance.Ideal for home applications because of harmless to humans.


Mask. Soft-touch brings excellent wearing sensation. Suitable in a harsh working environment like welding, painting and dealing chemicals without transformation.


Menstrual cup. Environmentally friendly material medical grade silicone. No detection of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and chemical substances.