Swimming caps for braids

Long hair swim cap

There is no better feeling, than that where you feel one with nature simply by being in the water. Swimming is an art, it requires grace and tactic. But grace and tactic cannot stand alone, good gear is essential. A long hair swim cap is designed to grant you the advantage while you’re under water. I mean after all, who want’s hair obscuring a naturally good underwater view?

Long hair swim caps are designed with the intention of including diversity in design. Although this might sound surreal to some, hair, is as diverse in texture and length. Due to this diverse nature of hair, a “one-size fits all” does not suffice. The Long hair swim cap guarantees that each customer’s needs are taken into account.

For this reason, Long hair swim caps can vary in design and structure. The long hair swim cap design can suit women with braids, long hair that might not necessary fit in a traditional swim cap, afro hair, dreadlocks, and different black hair.

Swimming caps for braids

Swimming caps for braids takes into consideration the length and bulk of braids. It’s structured such that the braids can fit inside a large swimming cap and prevent the swimmer from having to deal with soaked heavy braids when they leave the water.

Upholding diversity in the water is not an easy fit. Ukong has strived to ascertain that a swimming hat for long hair is designed such that the women can comfortably engage their favorite sport whether the sport is undertaken for competitive or leisure purposes.

Swimming caps for dreadlocks

There are many black women and girls who have dreadlocks. Our company did not fail to factor in this aspect of hair. A swim cap for dreadlocks ensures that every lock is tucked and protected from moisture.

Swim caps for black hair are structured with the lengths and the feel of the hair in consideration. Black hair can have very diverse textures and may fit differently in a swim cap.

Swimming caps for Afro hair

UKONG Swim caps for afro hair therefore, are strategic in ensuring that each dynamic aspect is accounted for. Thus, whether you rock a set of natural afro, dreadlocks, long hair whether treated or not, and even in instances where you have decided to opt for the more conventional braided look, there is a long hair swim cap designed specifically for you.

Swimming caps for long hair have been long overdue. They are essential innovations as they represent a marginalized group that had never been before factored in in sports. The long hair swim cap addresses diversity.

Swimming hats for long hair that are exceptionally designed by UKONG are diverse. The company integrated a varied color gradient and informed different sizes to the swim caps. This was an intentional choice that was strategic to include swimming caps that were made with a toughened silicone to offer durability.

Each long hair swim cap has a watertight seal that prevents water from seeping through into the hair. Thus, throughout your swimming exercise you’re guaranteed to maintain dry and healthy hair underneath your swim cap regardless of how much rigorous exercises you undertake underwater.