Whether you’re just trying to protect your hair from the chlorine making you more streamline in the water, or if you wear a cap in open water to be seen easier. Swim caps have lots of uses.

There are 5 different types of materials for swim caps, and each of these caps has a different style to suit all types of swimmers. So let’s take a closer look at some.

Silicone swim caps

silicone are the most popular types of swim caps that are worn by swimmers. Silicone caps are very durable and will last for years as long as you look after it. And a big plus is that they are easy to get on and off.

Latex swim caps

Latex swimming caps

The latex swim cap is great if you want to swim at hotter climates as it’s one of the thinnest caps on the markets, but it will still keep your streamline in the water, and another plus is that latex cap is very affordable.

Rubber swim caps

Rubber swimming caps

Rubber swim caps are perfect if you have a latex allergy. They work perfectly in cold waters as they keep your head insulated. And they are very long-lasting.

Lycra swim caps

Lycra swim caps,Spandex swimming caps

Lycra swim cap and Spandex swimming caps are extremely durable and last a long time even against chlorine. They are perfect swim caps wear when training or open water swimming as they have great sun protection.

Neoprene swim caps

Neoprene swim cap

Neoprene swim hats are a must for any type of open water swimming or triathlon. They work in perfect harmony with troy suits to keep you warm in the colder waters, and they don’t pull your hair. Swim caps pulling your hair when putting on or taking off is a nightmare whether you have long hair or short hair.

Swim caps made from lycra and neoprene won’t pull your hair but if you do love your silicone or rubber caps too much, talcum these silicone or rubber caps, now they won’t sticky.

Traditional fun swim caps

silly swim caps

Most swim caps are designed to make you more streamlined in the water, but the more traditional cap isn’t dead. if you’re looking to keep your hair dry and your ears covered or just a cup that is super easy to get on and off, then a traditional swim cap is something you need to consider. Traditional caps can be made from fabrics or rubber, and normally have some classic design. They’re perfect for a leisure swimmer or for aqua aerobics water.

Water temperature is every swimmer needs to think about when buying a new swim cap. Neoprene and Silicone swimming caps tend to be made from thicker materials so they hold the heat for longer. If the pool is 26 degrees or hotter you might overheat, that’s why these types of swim caps are perfect for open water swimmers.

If you are pure pool swimmer then look at the latex caps, they are thinner so you won’t run the risk of overheating in the pool. It’s time for a roundup if you’re looking at a cap for open water swimming, then the neoprene is the right choice for you. It’s thicker so it will keep you warmer for longer in the colder waters.

If you want to be more streamlined in the pool or open water then look at silicone caps they are the industry standard when it comes to competition swimwear.

If you want a cap for fitness and leisure then take a look at getting a lycra or spandex cap, they will keep your hair out of the pool water, and they’re very easy to get on and off. They also last a very long time. They can cover your ears and also they look cool.