silicone molders

Silicone Molds can last for years, when you first get your silicone molds, it’s best to wash them with slightly silty water to get out any oil to debris and either smack the mold until all the water is knocked out or dry them with a lint-free cloth, you can also put your new silicone molds in a commercial or consumer dishwasher just load them with the mold cavities facing down so during the wash cycle the water doesn’t pull and you’ll have hard water drops. It’s also best to avoid these bakes are times.

Silicone molds can be used for freezing or baking but we do recommend that you bake under 400 degrees. If your molds have cocoa butter film, our preferred method for cleaning them is to first wrinkle them all with straight white vinegar, and carefully pour boiling water over the molds face side up, it’s best to let them rest until the mixture is cool enough to work with. Then using the nonabrasive side of a sponge rub the surface until it feels clean, and then rinse with soapy warm water. If after drying the mold surface still isn’t shiny enough just repeat the process.

Now that we’ve washed and dried molds the natural inclination in the kitchen to wrap them in plastic. This isn’t a good idea at all because it’s really skipping fungus and bacteria there which we don’t want. So it needs to breathe so a more ideal situation is to have your sheep pan parchment, put your silicone mold with the facing up so the bottom is flat. And then you also don’t want to store them on top of each other because they might stick and then you’ll be ruining the molds in the face which we don’t want that, you also don’t want to be storing it curled or bent like this because after a while it will retain the shape. And you really can’t get it back to lie flat again.

If you’re traveling in a suitcase or something you need to roll it up for temporary it’s not a problem, you just don’t want to store it that way it’s better to store it flat dry and then you put a piece of parchment paper to protect it from dust and debris. Now you’re good to go store them in a place that’s dry and clean.