silicone shoe covers
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Our silicone shoe covers are made from high-quality 100% silicone material with slip-resistant bottoms alongside a thickening design, these overshoes for rain are incredibly durable. With ultra-elastic properties our outdoor shoe covers stretch freely, they’re easy to wear, and are guaranteed not to fall off when you walk. Perfectly suitable for people who have to venture out on rainy days and indulge in activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing, keep your shoes dry and clean all day. The lightweight and foldable design make them perfect to store in your backpack and easy to carry. These rubber rain shoe covers are easy to clean and can be comfortably worn many times. Designed for easy slip-on, hands-free application, these reusable overshoes are ideal for use across a range of industries, and go above and beyond standard boot covers. Engineered from ultra-premium grade silicone, our reusable shoe covers sit very close to your shoe creating an impermeable barrier between your feet and the driving rain, they’re perfect for protecting your feet against the weather. We have designed the edges and cleat area to hug the contours of your shoe to seal any holes and gaps, creating perhaps your most versatile weapon against the wet. Their non-slip line design ensures their waterproof and slip-resistant features guarantee safety and durability. Our washable shoe covers with high elastic material, plus waterproof zipper design are incredibly easy to wear over any shoe whilst not compromising the shape and style of your footwear. Lightweight and fashionable, our foot protectors for shoes can be folded, easy to store in your bag, even your pocket can be used whenever you need. Our silicone shoe covers can also be personalized to fit your requirements.

  • Manufactured from durable, high-quality silicone
  • Available in multiple colors to suit your style
  • Provide protection from the weather during activities such as walking, fishing, and gardening
  • Guaranteed to fit all types of shoes