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Swim cap for kids- Free design


Keep the little ones’ heads nice and dry with this waterproof swimming cap, ensuring they have a comfortable and happy swim. Swimming can be made fun of by wearing one of these fantastic kids swim caps. Available in a range of funky designs they will also help keep children’s hair from getting chlorine damaged and each cap features a vibrant print to add fun whilst the young ones take to the pool. The child swim cap is made of high-quality chlorine-resistant silicone, making the cap the perfect choice for regular training in the pool, it’s also highly extensible and stretch-resistant, yet due to risks of snags, it is advisable to take great care with fingernails and hair clips when putting on the cap.

This custom swim cap is comfortable and very flexible, it’s also easy to put on and take off, does not pull on the hair and good hold is guaranteed. Built with 100% silicone, the youth swim cap is extremely comfortable and resistant, it effectively reduces drag in the water and maximizes speed. The fit minimizes water leakage, the silicone is soft and less prone to static which makes slipping it on so much easier, it’s precisely engineered for reduced friction and tear resistance, ideal for occasional or competitive use. This swim cap is the perfect accessory for a day in the water. Swim caps protect your or your child’s hair from harsh pool chemicals, helps them stay safe in the pool, and keeps their hair out of the pool. We have something for everyone in our junior swimming caps selection. Either create a customizable swim cap or choose from our range of bright bold prints to classic colors and find a cap that suits your child’s style, whilst helping them feel and look great in the pool!

  • A child’s silicone swim cap that enhances fit and glides with greater protection against splashes
  • Our design team developed this swim cap for swimmers looking for the best protection
  • The ergonomic form will ensure a precise and secure fit
  • Made From 100% high-quality silicone with waterproof properties, can be personalized to fit your requirements