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Swim cap for dreads XL size


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  • Made From 100% high-quality silicone with waterproof properties, can be personalised to fit your requirements
  • Size: 35.5cm x 31.5cm x 22.5cm
  • Custom logo for your team
  • Plenty of room for long braids in the back, small enough for a tight fit upfront to seal out the water. Better, tighter fit minimizes water seeping under the sides and keeps dreads. The highest quality swim cap, perfect for black locks
  • Protects your hair from breakage and harsh chemicals

Custom designed swim cap made to fit dreadlocks, braids, black hair, and African American hair. It’s essential that dreadlocks dry thoroughly after being exposed to water, this extra-large brain swim cap is a convenient way to keep your dreadlocks dry whilst still enjoying the water. Made from high-quality silicone, our hair caps are designed to be comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and not too tight or too loose. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your hair for your sport so this sleek black long hair cap has been specifically designed for swimmers with longer locks and is the best swim cap for black hair. This accessory is easy to put on and take off without snagging your hair and will help protect it from chlorine. It offers extra space for you to tuck your hair under without compromising on that smooth hydrodynamic shape. Made from lightweight silicone it’s durable for a long-lasting comfortable cap. It’s guaranteed to fit any size head and large enough to accommodate various hair types including dreads, braids, and long hair. It can be stretched to fit over the head but take care not to tear the silicone by overstretching or with sharp nails or jewelry. The exclusive sleek, black asymmetrical design adapts to long hair thus reducing the pressure around the head. It also features a comfortable and secure cut around the ears. Built with 100% silicone, it is extremely comfortable and resistant. Effectively reduces drag in the water and maximizes speed. The fit minimizes water leakage, the silicone is soft and less prone to static which makes slipping it on so much easier. Precisely engineered for reduced friction and tear resistance, ideal for occasional or competitive use. This swim cap is the perfect accessory for a day in the water.