The incredible versatility of silicone tube makes it vital to many applications and industries. Silicone pipes have the ability and properties to resist extreme temperature variations, unlike plastic or rubber tubing. Food grade silicone hose is a reliable and FDA compliant material that provides temperature resistance, stability, and nonstick properties, making it ideal for food and beverage production. Flexible silicone hose meets the various requirements for cleanliness and nontoxicity necessary for use in the medical industry. High temp silicone hoses are made of a rubber-like thermoset material allowing flexibility, elasticity, and weather resistance. Its ability to withstand UV rays, radiation, and ozone makes it an excellent choice for electrical, outdoor, and sterilization uses. Platinum cured silicone tubing is designed for a variety of pump and transfer applications including pharmaceutical, laboratory, bioprocess manufacturing, and food and beverage applications. The tubes are able to withstand a high temperature of 200°C and are available in various internal diameters and wall thicknesses. We design premium quality clear silicone tubing alongside customised tubing to fit your specific requirements. Silicon tubing has many properties, it’s hygienic, easy to clean, odorless, temperature resistant, and has high tear strength, these characteristics make silicone tubing an ideal choice for systems working with consumables. We provide food grade silicone tubing, medical grade silicone tubing, high temperature silicone rubber tubing, silicone rubber hose, and silicone rubber sleeves. We offer a broad spectrum of silicone tubing, silicone hose and silicone sleeve (translucent or colored) produced using versatile compounds, including platinum cured silicone tubing. Our cutting-edge, service is intended for manufacturing products suited to the medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, dairy and milk industry, food & beverage industry, and applications. Additionally, our industrial grades offer remarkable performance at an allusively much competitive price.

  • Ultra-smooth inner surface reduces particle entrapment and minimizes bacterial growth. Good for mild to medium concentration bases, salts, and alcohols; is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic
  • We offer multiple variations of silicone tubing including regular grade, high strength grade, platinum cured, and colored tubing.
  • We can personalize the tubing to fit your requirements
  • 100% food grade, FDA compliant, silicone rubber tubing perfect for multiple uses