In daily life bottles are usually made from glass or stainless steel, as a result, they’re not easy or safe to hold when served hot drinks, silicone bottle sleeves provide high-temperature resistance, creating the perfect solution. Silicone rubber sleeve has multiple uses, their versatility is endless. Made from BPA-free, Food Grade silicone, our custom silicone cases have multiple uses, including being used as glass bottle covers and hydro flask sleeves. Our silicone bottle covers are the perfect accessory. They ensure heat insulation and are anti-scalding products that protect from burning your hands and causing serious injury. Great for transporting both hot and cold drinks whilst protecting against slippage, alongside sweat-proof properties. Providing drink insulation to reduce breakage and leakage, ensuring the user’s hands don’t get burnt. Custom silicone cases are also brilliant to use as a glass bottle with silicone covers, baby bottle sleeves, cup sleeves, and travel mug protectors. Silicone bottle sleeve has anti-skid surfaces by sandblasting and dermatoglyphic processes, increasing friction between hands and the sleeve, protecting the coffee cup, milk bottle, or glass water bottle against breakage. Made from elastic silicone rubber via the process of compression and mold tooling, silicone injection mold, and extrusion molding with horizontal shape. Silicone sleeve is designed with high quality FDA food-grade silica gel material. With a temperature range of -40 to 230 degrees centigrade, the sleeve is heat resistant, cold-resistant, oxidation resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and skid resistant. The silicone sleeve is soft and comfortable, protecting your bottle efficiently. Our experienced designers can provide custom sleeves specifically created according to your specification.

  • Our cup sleeve is made from silicone and eco-friendly, durable, and unbreakable material
  • The glass bottle sleeve can protect the glass body against hot and cold temperatures
  • Our high quality silicone bottle sleeves are easy to clean and fast drying
  • The bottle sleeve is suitable and very convenient for indoor and outdoor use, such as camping, swimming, diving, fishing, and other activities
  • The silicone sleeve is Anti-slip to protect your water bottle, hydro flask, glass bottle, mason jar, tumbler, coffee cup, etc.