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Personalised silicone rings are designed for men and women who desire a safe, comfortable, and durable wedding band. We provide the most reputable and sought-after bespoke, breathable silicone rings made from medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone. Our unique, non-bulky designs are timeless, simple, and classy so that you don’t have to compromise between style and safety. Our rings are stylish and as far as silicone rings go, in a league of their own. Made from the highest grade of FDA silicone they’re incredibly durable and high-quality. The unisex nature of the ring makes it perfect for a matching set of rings, whist both men and women can choose between masculine or feminine colours. The double-banded grooves give this safety wedding ring a modern, sophisticated and stylish look, whilst still maintaining the durability of the silicone material. Our silicone finger rings serve as an alternate material to metal wedding bands and are perfect for traveling, sports, and partaking in potentially risky activities. They’re perfect for professionals or those with an active lifestyle, they’re also great for those who are accident-prone or working in dangerous areas due to their soft, flexible, and non-conductive properties. By wearing a safety wedding ring you are less likely to have an accident than if you were wearing a traditional wedding ring. With silicone his and hers silicone wedding bands, there’s no risk for ring avulsion, metal being smashed into your finger, or any painful accident you could have with other rings. The airflow and air circulation within the stretchy silicone allow for optimal comfort on the ring finger. Silicone finger rings are becoming a more preferable material to metal rings because of all of their benefits and minimal drawbacks. Our custom silicone wedding bands can be personalised to fit your specific taste.

  • Stay active with our silicone rings, you don’t need to take off your ring to exercise, play rugby, bike, swim, or indulge in other activities
  • Unique, flexible design for maximum comfort even with swelling fingers and hands
  • Help protect your fingers against ring avulsion, degloving, and amputation.
  • Designed with medical grade silicone and available in a variety of colors