funny swim caps

Funny Swim Caps


Add a bit of excitement when jumping into the pool with our selection of funny swim caps! As silicone is a more versatile material than the traditional latex cap, we have designed fun swimming caps aimed at juniors and adults. Choose a great value waterproof swimming cap, available in various great colors and styles. Our novelty swim caps have been designed to provide a unique style of headwear to any swimmer. Comfortable swim caps aren’t just a way to keep your hair dry or improve your aerodynamics in the water, a professional swimming cap can make a statement of its own, with incredibly vibrant, colorful, and funky designs they’re an essential accessory for staying protected in the water, whilst also ensuring you stand out from the crowd. Featuring colorful elements, various textures, and materials, these cool swimming hats are guaranteed to liven up your swimming experience and gain some attention.

Built with 100% silicone, it is extremely comfortable and resistant, effectively reduces drag in the water, and maximizes speed. The fit minimizes water leakage, the silicone is soft and less prone to static which makes slipping it on so much easier, whilst also keeping your head warm and protected from harsh chemicals. Precisely engineered for reduced friction and tear resistance, they’re ideal for occasional or competitive use. This printed swim cap is the perfect accessory for a day in the water and sits incredibly comfortably on the head, they are shaped for a superior fit and comfort, and are ideal for regular swimming.

Personalized swim caps are available, we are able to create specific sizes of these silicone caps.


  • These cheap caps are both fashionable and practical, whilst protecting your hair from the effects of chlorine
  • These funny swim caps are the best waterproof accessories and have been shaped for a superior fit
  • Made From 100% high-quality silicone with waterproof properties, can be personalized to fit your requirements
  • Our triathlon swim cap are customizable