Custom Swim Caps

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Custom swim caps no minimum, swim cap design for you.

Custom NO Limited Colors Printing, Sequential Numbering, Personalised swim caps & Any Complex designs Silicone swim caps.

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Plain swim caps, Long hair swim caps, Seamless wrinkle free swim caps, 3D Domed caps.

Colors: Regular our swim caps colors as follows, we can customized Pantone number colors for you.

Silicone swim cap waterproof, extra durable odorless and fits your head perfectly. High-quality silicone makes it resistant to snagging and tearing but also helps protect your hair and ears from bacteria and chlorine. It doesn’t grab your hair make sure you wipe it dry inside. Talcum powder will keep the cap in perfect condition.

Frequently Question and Answer

Q: How to put on a swim cap well?

A:  If you have long hair you’ll want to put your hair back into a bun or to a ponytail. Once you have your hair back into a bun or to a ponytail you’ll be able to start to put on your cap the cap is going to be layered over your forehead and then put over the top of all of your hair. We peel back the cap place the edge on the top of the forehead and then peel it across the top of your hair. some folks like to actually put the cap over the ear, but others like to keep the ears open that’s up to personal preference completely up to you, make sure that any loose strands of hair are put underneath the caps so that you can swim with a hydrodynamic edge.


Q: How to print logos on silicone swim caps?

A: We’re just simply adding the logo with silk screen printing. Then we bake the ink. The temperature for baking time is about 180 degrees plus which is great.


Q: How to choose your swim cap?

A: There are different materials offered in caps. The mesh cap offers great comfort and gives breathability for long hours of swimming, the silly mesh is proposed to those who want comfort yet a stable cap for doing laps. The latex caps are coarse thinner lighter and the more breathable than silicone, which making them ideal for swimming in a warm climate but they are less durable and you have to take care of them if you want them to last. The silicone cap which is form on your head and silicone swim cap helps you go fast in the water it is the most watertight cap.


Q: How to put on a swim cap with long hair?

A: Step one put your hands inside the cap and stretch it. Step two put the cap on top of your head and pull it down covering your ears. Step three tuck the remaining hair inside the cap.

This video will show you how to make silicone swim caps. the best custom swim caps for your swimmers, club, or swim team. You can customize your caps with your logo, design, swimmer’s name and numbers. Color printed on both sides.

Blank Silicone Swim Caps, Regular colors as follows,

Silk screen printing caps perfect for large events, triathlons or affordable gifts.