Baby self feeding spoon

  • THE FIRST BABY’S SPOON – These baby spoons are specially designed for the first time, solid eaters. Ideal to encourage self-feeding at the first stage, our spoons are made of germ-resistant organic bamboo with food-grade silicone tips that are soft, flexible, and gum-friendly for your little one
  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT BUMPING OR SCRAPING THEIR GUMS – At an early stage, babies tend to hurt themselves when using silver or steel spoons when they put food into their mouth. You can protect your infant gums and teeth by using our ergonomic spoons with soft silicone tips. No metal, no rough edges, and no hard plastic that might be gnawing on your baby
  • LIGHT & PORTABLE FOR TRAVELING – Going to take your baby on holiday or restaurant? We designed these feeding spoons with that in mind. They are compact and portable to carry on your diaper bag. They’re easy to clean and durable to last.