Discover your creative side with silicone ashtray mold.  Our custom ashtray resin mold is made of high-quality pure silicone which makes it easy to remove the resin and get back into shape after use. It’s thick, flexible, tear-resistant, not easily deformed, durable, and reusable, perfect for creating aesthetically pleasing, glossy ashtrays. You can add dry flowers, pigments, and colourings to your resin then use the molds to create unique, striking pieces that add a touch of your own personality to your abode. The high-quality material the silicone molds for resin is made with is soft, flexible, and easy to demould. The resin casting mold is easy to release after your project is fully cured, using soapy water as a mold release agent. They make the perfect personalised gift for your family and friends. These resin mold allow you the freedom to create unique ashtrays. Bring your creativity to life!

  • Our epoxy resin ashtray mold is made with quality durable silicone by advanced techniques
  • Ashtray mold featuring multiple shapes for maximum creative freedom
  • Perfect to design personalised unique designs
  • High-quality molds which are perfect to create glossy ashtrays