Generally, the surface of silicone products is typically quite sticky. Sometimes this can present problems in an end user’s application, especially when buying glossy silicone products, such as silicone tubes, custom silicone molds, silicone sheets, etc. However, there are several ways to reduce this problem.


Powder with Talcum

The simplest way is through the addition of talcum powder, wiping this uniformly across the product’s surface. Silicone swim caps with talcum are very effective, it is easier to wear and take off the silicone cap after powder, and talc can be washed off.


Spray hand-feeling electrostatic oil on the surface

It is a common method to spray hand-feeling electrostatic oil on the surface. In general, the silicone products we have used for a long time will be sprayed with hand-feeling electrostatic oil, such as silicone phone cases, silicone protective covers, silicone vibrator and silicone facial cleansers, etc., this process will not affect the use efficacy, and will not cause harm to the body skin, so this process in the silicone products industry is more widely used.

This process is mainly to spray a layer of hand-feeling oil on the surface of the product to enhance the surface feel of the product and the isolation layer. Because it has a certain adhesion, there will be no demoulding after baking at high temperature, so it is adopted by many consumers, however, the main problem with this kind of process is that it is a little difficult to go through some strict environmental monitoring and certification. Because the ink materials do not meet the environmental requirements.


Produce with anti-static silicone rubber material

anti static silicone rubber

In addition to spray handle oil, silicone rubber manufacturers can also use materials to solve the problem of dust, that is, the selection of anti-static silicone rubber processing, because dust-proof and anti-static silicone rubber is a two-component silicone material, it can be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperature. It is not limited by the shape and thickness of the silicone products which can endure high temperature for a long time. It can be deeply cured, to achieve the effect of non-stick dust.

Anti-static silicone rubber has excellent resistance function, usually after high-temperature vulcanization of the static silicone rubber product surface resistance of 106-109Ω, but also through customer demand modulation to higher performance. Compare with the gas-phase silicone, they are no different. so it is suitable for molding and extrusion and liquid injection molding process and so on, usually, this kind of silicone can be used for silicone suction cup, silicone medical hose, and food-grade silicone products, etc.


Made by Matte Surface mold

silicone mold

custom silicone mold

Silicone products made by the matte surface mold are not active dust absorption. Matte surface silicone is relatively rough to touch, its advantage is effectively isolated from the dust absorption.


How to do if the silicone products accidentally get a lot of dust?

  1. The slight dust can be wiped with a dust-free cloth, and the dust on the surface of the product can be removed.
  2. The more serious dirt and dust can be wiped with white electric oil, or directly soaked in white electric oil liquid and wiped with a clean dust-free cloth.