Printed Silicone swim caps are best for schools, clubs, colleges, and special events. We custom swimming caps by the screen printing process up to five colors.

Screen printing is a process of pushing ink through a mesh screen in its current state and can pass through this entire screen, so we need to mask off the areas where we don’t want the ink to go through.

silk screen printing

If you have areas that are mistakes or stuff you don’t want to print yet, you can use some tape to cover them up. Use painter’s tape and not duct tape — the duct tape will rip off the emulsion.

Printed swim caps

Now fix your screen set(one screen for each color) line up center and screw in. Layout the silicone caps on a flat surface.

Pour a small amount of silicone ink(Silicone Ink with perfect viscosity and is very easy to work with, and has excellent opacity)horizontally across the top of the screen. Take your squeegee and make one smooth movement down the screen, exerting strong pressure. To do it evenly, it’s best to find some old swim cap to practice on before you try, and then use your new swimming hat for mass printing.

Lift the screen up, pull the swim caps out (Be careful removing the cap as ink is still wet), and you’re done. To make sure the logo sticks on the swim hats for a long time, put caps in the oven on 180 degrees for a few minutes.

swim caps print logo

Screen printing ink dries too fast, so as soon as you’re done printing swim caps, wash the ink off the screen so you can use it again in the future.  And remember to store the rest ink in the fridge for future printing.

You can customize your swimming hats with your logo printed on both sides. Ukong manufacture plain silicone swim cap, wrinkle-free swim caps, Long hair swim caps and Dome caps with any Pantone colors. We offer the best quality silicone swim caps and printing with a quick turnaround.