Female urination device

Have you ever been to a situation that wants to pee but find a dirty toilet? If yes, what did you do then? Directly sit on the dirty toilet and do not care about hygiene? If you do not want this to happen again, you can use a travel urinal device specially designed for women.

The guys can go to the bathroom just about anywhere but ladies now you can pee like a gentleman too. Female Urination is a reusable silicone funnel that helps you tinkle standing up. Say you’re on a camping trip and nature calls instead of summoning a crisis committee you can now use Female Urination. It’s made of flexible medical-grade silicone that will adapt to your body while it’s anti-spill and anti-splash design keeps things tidy and mess-free. When we tried it out it was super easy and drip-free plus go girl lets you be discreet you only need to undress just enough to give go girl coverage nothing too conspicuous. The pee funnel comes folded in a capsule with an instructional tube that way you can rinse shake and store when you’re done. Female Urination will let you go easily at outdoor concerts festivals road trips or when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Besides being medical grade the silicone is antimicrobial and it can be cleaned and reused wash it with liquid soap and let it dry, wash it in boiling water or you can even run it through the dishwasher on the top rack.

It allows women to pee standing up that can keep the pee as far as away from your body and shoes or your backpack. Thanks to go girl standing up when you pee is way less of a nervously.