UKONG is committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of quality silicone molded products in a timely manner. Whether small or large volume runs, we have the capabilities to produce any product size regardless of complexity. UKONG utilizes compression, and injections molding technologies to ensure a perfect match to any customer requirement.


A piece of uncured silicone rubber of specific weight and/or size is placed between two halves of a pre-heated mould. The mould is then closed in a press under an overall pressure of around one ton per square inch. The rubber is heated by conduction from the mould surface, and cures to the shape of the cavity. we've been doing this for over 10 years. From simple O rings and gaskets to more complex parts(silicone swim caps, silicone baby bib, silicone diving mask, silicone kitchenware, silicone sexy massager, silicone cover, silicone case etc.), we will work with you to ensure the most cost effective and reliable moulding technique is used. This includes designing the mould to ensure that air traps and defects do not affect the quality of your parts.

Rubber Compression molding



UKONG is a trusted manufacturer in silicone injection molding for high-end consumer and life science applications.

We specialize in products for women, babies and sports, including menstrual cup, face brush, nursing pads, and food-safe silicone pacifiers, teethers and dinnerware, watch bands and diving masks etc.

Customers and engineers appreciate our attention to detail, flexibility and responsiveness. We will become part of your team, working closely with you to bring your molded silicone product from prototype to production, and then to market.


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