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Long hair swim cap There is no better feeling, than that where you feel one with nature simply by being in the water. Swimming is an art, it requires grace and tactic. But grace and tactic cannot stand alone, good gear is essential. A long hair swim cap is designed to grant you the advantage […]

Silicone tubes are often used in industries and applications where heat and electrical conductivity are prominent. Although the third-party test report is the core to confirm the silicone tube has fire-retardant capabilities. There are also some simple test ways and you can test them anywhere. After the combustion test, the fire-retardant silicone tube has a […]

There are many simple ways to treat the dust surface of silicone tubes. The simplest way is to put the silicone hose lying flat in a clean environment with the circulation of air to weaken the adsorption value, the longer the silicone tube is placed, the weaker the adsorption capacity, which is why for a […]

Why new silicone product look yellow? There are three reasons, curing agent, processing technology and raw materials are poor quality Curing agent The performance of the curing agent can be divided into general and anti-yellow. It is applied in the following two aspects: The general one is non-anti-yellowing curing agent, it can be used for non-exposed silicone […]

Overmolding refers to a process used to combine at least two materials to create one object part or design. Today, two technologies can be used to create overmolded objects: Injection molding and 3D printing Injection molding is the most common process used for over-molding more recently. Some 3d printing technologies are being used to over mold objects of […]

The silicone has many excellent characteristics and functions. But silicone belongs to the production of synthetic raw materials, the different proportion of ingredients in the materials will have a different functional effect, and what reasons for the aging in silicone rubber products? Following are some reasons for aging in silicone cases. Contact medium aging Exposure […]

For customized products, some choose screen printing, pad printing, or transfer printing which including heat transfer printing and water transfer printing. At present, transfer printing is widely used in plastic, hardware, rubber, silicone rubber, PVC, ceramics, solid wood, and other industries, so for soft silicone rubber products. Heat transfer printing and water transfer printing are […]

Generally, the surface of silicone products is typically quite sticky. Sometimes this can present problems in an end user’s application, especially when buying glossy silicone products, such as silicone tubes, custom silicone molds, silicone sheets, etc. However, there are several ways to reduce this problem.   Powder with Talcum The simplest way is through the […]

For sealing and protection products, Fluorosilicone is suitable for use in aerospace, automobile, electromechanical, electronic, mechanical, and architectural fields, it can be used in kerosene at-55 °C ~ 220 °C and in steam and open flame at 150 °C, and in the strength of more than 100 kg under the pressure of heat resistance, oil […]