About Us

Xiamen Ukong Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacture of silicone rubber products. We aim to provide complete satisfaction to our esteemed clientele by producing the highest quality products. Specializing in Solid silicone rubber compression molding, liquid silicone injection molding, and silicone prototyping, our work consists of compression, transfer, and injection molding technologies to produce bespoke silicone rubber parts. All of our products are manufactured to the highest international standards. We are involved in all aspects of the design process, whilst also providing expertise and innovative custom solutions. Our products and services can be customized to fit the specific needs of your industry and all of our silicone products are supplied cost-effectively and efficiently by our engineering team, with over 10 years of experience and extensive knowledge. Not only do we provide the very best high-quality silicone products, but we also work collaboratively with the customer in identifying innovative trends and regulatory requirements to produce exactly what they need, whilst thriving to meet the most demanding or specialist requirements. Most importantly, we invest in growth and development to keep in step with our client’s current and future needs.

Our extensive full-service will save you time, money, and warehouse space, we will mold your silicone products, organize any secondary operations, such as assembly or the application of printing or spray coating, before placing your order in custom packaging at our facility. Your orders come directly to us and we have the ability to ship your product anywhere in the world.

With extremely experienced staff and innovative technology, we offer an excellent level of quality and service in a very short lead-time at a low cost, our expert team is passionate about delivering a professional service to our customers.

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